• 1 TV Mounting

    Flat screen TVs are best mounted on a wall especially the larger bad boys. But they can do so much more than sit there all flush against the wall. There is a wide range of brilliantly designed fixing brackets including swing out, tilt, swivel, full motion articulation and cantilever.

  • 2 Experience The Sound

    With our wall mounted installation packages we will advise on the ideal position for your new entertainment system. We’ll then fix it securely and safely with the appropriate bracket chosen and provided by you. You can be sure this will be a proper professional job, straight and level without any of the dangers and calamities of trying to do it yourself.

  • 3 No Wires, No Cables, No Fuss

    For our silver installation package we’ll neatly hide the wiring inside discreet trunking expertly fitted to blend seamlessly in with your room’s design and decoration. With our premium gold package our skilled technicians perform their own version of a vanishing act. With the art of genius they’ll completely conceal every offending cable by embedding them into a cavity or brick wall.

  • 4 Feel The Difference

    Once we’ve got you all connected up it’s on with the power and we’ll check that everything is working as perfectly as it should. We’ll also provide a full demonstration so that you’ll know everything your wonderful box of tricks can perform. Then we’ll be on our way taking all the packaging and rubbish with us so there’s no need for you to go to the recycling centre.

  • 5 Just a Few Favours to Ask

    We pride ourselves on a fast and reliable service and although you’ll love our company we aim to complete every installation as quickly . Checklist complete, okay let’s get on with the job!

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